Reoccuring yeast infections can be caused by several factors including the simple fact of stress. When your stressed out it can cause a change in hormones. A change in hormones can totally shift your whole body's balance and immune system. This is just a pointer that your yeast infections may be caused just from a stressful lifestyle!



Now, a little info about Candida Yeast:

  A yeast infection is an inappropriate expansion of yeast cells in the vagina. When you have more than 4 infections in a year, you have a condition known as reoccuring yeast infections. There are lots of things that can cause this to occur. This article will debate some of the frequent reasons for reoccuring yeast infections.

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 Birth control pills are one of the most familiar reasons behind reoccuring yeast

infections. This is likely caused by the level of progestogen utilized in that particular tablet. Brands like Levelen that use stronger progestogen often cause the yeast infections to return more frequently. Some ladies have said that their reoccuring yeast infection has gotten better after discontinuation of the tablet. It usually takes a few months off the pill to tell.


  Another reason for reoccuring yeast infection is food, particularly sugars and

sweet treats. Candida albicans is the yeast that causes the infection. It helps the

body digest sugars and can get beyond control when it is given too much sugar to

feed on. 
   Moisture encircled around the vagina may also be the root of reoccuring yeast

infections. Wearing tight pants or pantyhose can hold moisture in the affected areas and supply a breeding area for yeast to grow. After exercising, showering, or

swimming, you need to make your best efforts to dry off well down there to stop excess

moisture from building up.


   Reoccuring yeast infections may also be due to diabetes. Ladies who have diabetes

have a far higher possibility of getting an infection. The reason is because the

yeast feeds on certain sugars like glycogen and glucose. If the level of these

sugars aren't controlled well and permitted to get higher, you'll probably experience

reoccuring yeast infections.


  One of the last reasons behind reoccuring yeast infections is a change in your own immune system. This is due to stress, taking antibiotics or other medicines, or just not having a proper diet. The yeast isn't effectively controlled by the immune reaction and thus, causes an

infection. Girls who have HIV are also in peril for reoccuring yeast infection.

There are a multitude of things that will cause reoccuring yeast infections. Some of

the most typical are contraception tablets, encircled moisture, and foods with tons

of sugar. Changes in the immune response and diabetes can also lead to reoccuring

yeast infection. To figure out why your yeast infections keep coming back you need to try and pinpoint some of the suggestions mentioned above..


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